What is the RamBox Cargo Management System?


There’s no denying that RAM trucks never falter when it comes to delivering superior performance and towing capabilities in Martinsville. And if you’re looking to maximize your RAM truck’s space to better suit your work needs, the RamBox Cargo Management System can achieve just that. This feature allows drivers to access as much storage as possible with additional compartments, so you never have to worry about leaving anything behind. Learn more about the RamBox Cargo Management System with Gunter CDJR Martinsville. 

What is a Cargo Management System? 

You’re probably wondering, “what is a cargo management system?” This is a compartment built into the bed of your truck and provides more room for equipment. Not only is this compartment designed to hold smaller items, but it can also fit longer items, such as shovels and fishing rods. 

Is RamBox Water Resistant? 

Many Danville commuters want to know whether or not the RamBox is water-resistant. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about your equipment being damaged during rainy Ridgeway days because RamBox is water-resistant! It also comes with the AllSecure remote security system so your items remain dry and protected, as well as a drainage plug so you can use the RamBox as a cooler. 

What RAM Models Have a RamBox?

Now that you know what a cargo management system is, you probably want to know what RAM models have a RamBox. This feature is available in several RAM vehicles, you can have the storage you need in the model that delivers the performance you want. The RamBox Cargo Management System is available for the following models: 

  • RAM 1500 
  • RAM 1500 Crew Cab
  • RAM 1500 Quad Cab
  • RAM 2500 Crew Cab
  • RAM 2500 Mega Cab
  • RAM 3500 Crew Cab
  • RAM 3500 Mega Cab

Learn More About RAM Models at Gunter CDJR Martinsville

Now that you know all about the RamBox Cargo Management System, learn more about what RAM vehicles have to offer, such as UConnect®. If you have any additional questions about RAm trucks, contact us or stop by our dealership near Reidsville, NC!

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