How to Be Fuel-Efficient While Driving

filling up gas tank

Ridgeway drivers want to drive cars they love, for a price they can afford, while making the most of every mile. As car-drivers ourselves, here at Gunter CDJR Martinsville, we understand the desire to exercise fuel-efficient driving habits. In the following guide, our experts have compiled some of the most useful tips regarding how you can save fuel while driving on hills, highways, and regular roads throughout Martinsville and beyond.

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Fuel-Efficient Driving Habits

If you practice the following fuel-efficient driving style, you’ll get more miles out of each gallon.

Use cruise control when driving on the highway because maintaining a constant speed can help preserve your fuel. Believe it or not, running errands throughout Danville burns more fuel than a long highway ride. Lots of traffic lights and stop signs means lots of stop-and-go traffic, and therefor, worse fuel efficiency. For that reason, combining trips also helps you get the most per fill up in your new Jeep Renegade.

Reduce vehicle load as best you can. If you’re packing up your car, van, or SUV for a weekend sports tournament, the additional weight can burn more gas. After your trip is over, it would be sensible to unpack the car so your weekday commute doesn’t bear the load of your weekend summer fun. Additionally, this rule applies to saving fuel while driving uphill. The lighter your car the more nimble and fuel-efficient it will be during an ascent.

Similarly, don’t leave a rooftop cargo box mounted atop your vehicle. These can significantly reduce fuel-efficiency. Again, after your adventure, dismount your cargo case. Another good tip is to find a rear-mount cargo box or hitch-mount cargo carrier as these don’t affect fuel economy nearly as much.

And finally, drive responsibly. Excessive braking, quick accelerating, lots of idling, and putting the pedal-to-the-medal all burn more fuel than necessary. Driving conservatively is safer, more fuel-efficient, and much less stressful. It’s also more efficient to accelerate when heading downhill and to coast when going uphill.

Get More Car Care Tips at Gunter CDJR Martinsville

Now that you know how to be fuel-efficient while driving, what else do you want to learn? Our service center team is happy to inform you of other useful car know-how like how to unlock your steering wheel or how to check your oil. If you’re interested in buying or leasing a new or used vehicle from Gunter CDJR Martinsville, contact our finance department today.

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