Truck Cab Sizes

2021 RAM 1500

With several truck bed sizes, first-time truck owners might find truck shopping to be overwhelming as the cab size is another decision to be made. Our team at Gunter CDJR Martinsville is here to go through all of the truck cab sizes, so you can be confident in getting the proper truck whether you need one for work or your Martinsville daily commutes. 

In the following guide, we will answer:

  • What is a standard/regular cab truck?
  • What is an extended cab truck?
  • What is a crew cab truck?
  • What is the difference between a crew cab and an extended cab truck?
  • What is a double cab truck?
  • What is the difference between a crew cab and a double cab truck?

What is a Standard/Regular Cab Truck?

As you are doing your Dodge, Jeep, and RAM research, you have probably seen the standard or regular cab truck left and right. As the starting size, the standard cab truck is the smallest of pickups, so you can expect one row of seating that can fit 2 or 3 people. If you plan to drive solo in your work truck or will only need to take one or two people, the regular cab truck is the one for you. This cab truck also has two full-sizes, front-hinging doors. 

What is an Extended Cab Truck?

Maybe you need another row of seating around Danville. Then, you can find extra seating in an extended cab truck, which is usually a bench seat or some jump seats. The rear doors usually go in opposite directions from the front door for passengers in the back to get in and out easily. 

While you will be able to take on 1 or 2 more passengers, don’t rely on this cab truck to be comfortable enough for long commutes or trips. Most drivers that opt for an extended cab truck will occasionally bring extra passengers, but they tend to use the rear seating for their pets or extra storage. 

What is a Crew Cab Truck?

Curious what the crew cab truck is? It is the largest cab– and not surprisingly, the most popular cab– offering not one but two full rows of seating that can fit up to 5 or 6 passengers. Because of the two full rows of seating, there are also four full-size front-hinging doors. Perfect for big families or a group of work friends, a crew cab is the coziest during your Reidsville, NC rides. It’s practically having the best of both worlds: the cabin of a car and the power of a truck! 

Be mindful that certain brands refer to their crew cab trucks with their specific lingo. For example, RAM calls it a crew cab while Ford calls it a SuperCrew. 

Extended Cab vs. Crew Cab Trucks

So what is the difference between the crew cab and extended cab truck? While both can technically seat up to a similar number of passengers, the crew cab truck is more reliable for the maximum seating capacity on a daily basis. Passengers in the second row of the extended cab truck will get uncomfortable after a while on the road. 

Keep in mind, the crew cab is also bigger than the extended cab, so depending on the number of passengers and the amount of cargo you are expecting every day, then one will be more suitable for you! 

What is a Double Cab Truck?

If you are still having trouble deciding if you should go with a crew cab or an extended cab, then maybe you want to have the in-between version: the double cab truck. What is it? The double cab truck is bigger than an extended cab but smaller than a crew cab! It also has two rows of seating, but the doors are smaller.

Perhaps, you don’t need the largest cab aka the crew cab for your Greensboro, NC drives, but you still want two rows of passengers to sit comfortably no matter how long the drive is. Then, the double cab truck is your answer! 

While double cab truck is essentially the same as quad cab truck, RAM is the only brand that officially uses “quad cab.” So if you’re in the market for some RAM double cab pickup trucks, you will see them as quad cabs instead! 

Crew Cab vs. Double Cab Trucks

With double cab trucks in the picture, you might now be deciding between the crew cab and double cab trucks. As we said, you can seat two rows of passengers comfortably, but the second-row passengers in a double cab truck won’t have as much room as they would in a crew cab truck. Think of the crew cab truck as the biggest and grandest cab out there! 

However, keep in mind, double cab trucks are shorter, so that could be a selling point if you find it easier to drive and park a shorter truck. Also, double cab trucks are more affordable than a crew cab truck, so unless you plan on decking out with a crew cab truck, then a double cab truck is your solution.

Compare Dodge, Jeep & RAM Truck Cab Sizes in Ridgeway 

No matter which truck cab size you are leaning towards, you can find them in our Dodge, Jeep, and RAM truck lineups! Come to Gunter CDJR Martinsville to explore your options, including learning about their power, towing capacity, cargo bed options, and more. We can also go over the new vehicle specials to save on your truck purchase. Contact us to schedule a test drive today!


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